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  • An interesting question. I don't know the answer I'm afraid. I am assuming that there is a lot of testing involved, and the potential donor may not be available to come in straight away (even if they look as if they match from a small sample, I thin…
  • Tiredness: take your time. Try and realize that it will take a while to get back to normal. Start to think about what a new normal might look like. Use your friends and family - can they do getting the ingredients (for example) and then you can stil…
  • Dear Rob My husband had a BMT at the Churchill almost 2 years ago now. The staff/hospital/care etc were absolutely amazing. We live locally and being able to visit made everything easier (we have a young son as well). Small things that made all the …
  • Dear AMB. Good luck for the 23rd. Hope all goes well.
  • Dear DieselDrinker62. You pose some interesting questions. My husband had a BMT (after having several of the treatments that you mention). It wasn't much of a choice really - and he was, luckily, matched up really quickly. Post-BMT his issues have b…
  • V interesting. How do you go about contacting your donor? My husband (who is just a year post-transplant) would love to write. If someone could post a response that would be really helpful.
  • Brilliant. I have been looking for a list of books that might help with discussing leukaemia with a 7 year old for ages. Much appreciated.
    in The Ripples! Comment by kw13 June 2014
  • This is a hard one. The NHS only has so much money - and I, for one, want to see that going into clinical work; however, as the spouse of a post-SCT AML patient, I have also seen at first hand what the lack of psychological and emotional support is …