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Hello everyone,
Some of you may have received a text message from NHS Coronavirus Service about ‘shielding’ (staying home for 12 weeks). NHS England wants to ensure no-one at high risk of coronavirus misses its vital health advice. As a result, some patients who are not at high risk have also received that text message. Follow the advice of your own transplant team and check our full up-to-date coronavirus guidance here: www.anthonynolan.org/coronavirus.



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  • Hi George, Emma continues to be treated with anti-virals, has been in hospital for a week now. The docs seem a little puzzled because it has appeared on her right arm now which is the opposite side to where it started ( left side of back). Apparentl…
  • Hi, my daughter had her transplant in August and everything is going well. She came off the aciclovir a few weeks ago and now has shingles. She has been readmitted to hospital for intravenous anti-viral. The really good news is that she has receive…
  • Hi Poppy, my daughter potassium levels have settled but now she has too much creatin. She is have to have 4 hour bags of fluids every couple of days. Hopefully this will sort it out. Hope your daughter is doing ok. Best wishes
  • My 20 year old daughter went through the process to freeze her eggs. She only had a short time frame to do this prior to her transplant and was warned that it may not work due to already having received strong chemo and also freezing actual eggs is …
  • Hi, yes it is still very early days. My daughter was exactly the same and she is only 20! She also had a driver etc. She had her transplant on the 6th August and her energy levels are only just starting to improve. Things will get better for him I a…
  • Thank you, yes she has never been a big drinker and the medics keep nagging her to drink more. She has been readmitted and is hooked up to fluids now. After 7 weeks in hospital, she came out for 5 days and is now back in again so understandably is a…