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Hi everyone,
Following information from UK Government and the publication of NICE guidelines, we have updated our advice on the coronavirus for people who have received or are waiting to receive a stem cell transplant to treat their blood cancer or blood disorder. Read our coronavirus guidance here: www.anthonynolan.org/coronavirus



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  • We live in South Wales , he has come out of hospital yesterday , is moving around a bit today , not much , but it really takes it out of , we haven't been offered any help or support at all. Thank you for your kind words , we are a very close famil…
  • Update from the hospital today is that he has phenomena , I can't help thinking that if the hospital had taken him in on Saturday when he went down there , and was told it's just a virus nothing we can do , it would never have got this bad . To be …
  • Hi, just an update , my husband phoned the transplant team and as we are in Wales there is nothing they can do to help . They told him to take my father in law straight to hospital , he was fine when he went in even thigh very very weak , he also c…
  • Thank you for responding , he has been told he can have paracetamol to bring the temp down , but he is very very weak , he went in the bath the other day and didn't have the energy to get out of it, my husband had to go and help him , he is coughing…
  • Thanks Pete , it is so difficult to watch as he has always been a strong proud man , I feel like he just can't see the end of it , so won't try and do anything , but I will speak to my mother in law she is amazing . Keeping a diary is a good idea , …
  • Thank you for sharing that with me , that is so useful to know , he seems brighter now he is home , really struggling to drink but also trying very hard , but it's mainly due to the thought of him being sick I think , and he is always cold , the hou…
  • Thank you for responding Steve , this site and talking to people on here has really helped us get through the first part of his recovering , my mother in law is very worried about him coming home , it's the not knowing what to expect I suppose x
  • What are the first signs of the blood count going up , I know it's early days , we are on day 9 today , ard we looking at more towards the 14 days for the blood count to go up ?????
  • Thank you both for responding , this is all very reassuring to us , hopefully he will start to feel better over the next couple of days , it is very helpful to know that this is all normal , I will keep you all up dated and when he feels up to it , …