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Are there any members who underwent stem-cell / bone m transplants 15+ years ago?

Greetings all, just joined. I underwent a stem cell transplant 19 years ago. It would be nice and helpful to get into contact with long term survivors.


  • Hi Bjorn,

    Welcome to the forum. I think we have a few members who have had stem cell transplants a few years ago, so hopefully someone will respond.

    But thanks for posting as it is so encouraging to us transplant youngsters (mine was 3.5 years ago) to hear that there is such potential for long term survival. If I can get 19 years+ I'll be more than happy.


  • Good morning Steve,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I do consider myself lucky but it all depends on the condition, response to treatment, and how you take care of yourself.
    Best Regards,
  • Hello my name is Vivienne and I had a bone marrow transplant 35 years ago. I am fine and trotting along well and would love to hear from anyone e who wants to get in touch however I am not great on this website x
  • Ps another comment from Vivienne my transplant was in 1981 two days after Charles and Diana's wedding at the Westminster children's hospital it now seems like another lifetime x
  • Hi Vivienne, that's fantastic news to hear that 35 years after your transplant you are still gong strong. It's very encouraging to know that the process works and the chances of long term survival are real, especially to those who are about to undergo a transplant and are worried about what the future holds.

    Going through a transplant is a big deal and a very nervous time for us all as we don't know what the outcome will be or how long it will last. To hear stories like yours is very heartwarming.

    Thank you.

  • Hello steve thank you for that I also know someone else who was going strong many years later who was in hospital with me and as far as iknow I have not heard any different. I was fifteen when I had it and am now fifty _ heck _ I had a plastic anaemia. I have been fine ever since but my husband says I am not a full shilling! I hope positive stores such as yours mine and others helps to keep the spirits up of people when everything is too much sincere best wishes from Vivienne
  • This is great to hear Vivienne and thank you for sharing . Xx
  • My husband will be having a mini transplant soon. Staying positive & strong.
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