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My Hayfever has gone!

Normally at this time of the year I'd be sniffling with a snotty nose and my eyes would be streaming thanks to hayfever, but this year I've had none of it, even though my son who also has hayfever has been suffering as normal.

I noticed this last year too, but at the time my consultant said it was probably due to the amount of medication (particularly steroids) that I was on. Now that my medication has reduced substantially I have noticed that I still haven't had the effects I've had in previous years and wondered whether this was due to my transplant.

Has anyone had anything similar, with hayfever or other allergies that seem to have disappeared post transplant?



  • Steve

    I too used to suffer with hay fever and did for about 50 years! I used to dread this time of year. But a similar thing has happened to me, I no longer have hay fever.

    On a clinic visit about this time last year I mentioned a cough and bit of a sniffle. I was given a check over and all was well. I mentioned my past history of hay fever thinking that may have been the problem but my nurse practitioner said no and that I should never have that problem again. So no problems this year so far, no more antihistamines. Like you I was told it was down to the amount of medication and treatment. I don't take any medication now.

    I do wonder what would happen If I had a mosquito bite, usually on holidays, Majorca/Italy if I was bitten I reacted very badly with swelling despite all the usual precautions.
    I suppose there is only one way to find out.

  • I use to get sever hay fever- and would have to wear sunglasses to stop me itching my eyes since transplant I haven't had any hay feaver and I've realised that I can now smell cut grass without sneezing or feeling nauseous. I tell my mam when she complains about her hay fever that she should have a bmt- she thinks that's maybe a little extream
  • Hi Wen,

    Yews a BMT would be a bit extreme to get rid of hayfever, as annoying as it is. However it's a side effect/benefit that I'm pleased to have if it has indeed gone. I used to hate spring time and dreded the sight of blossom on the trees knowing that my eyes would soon be itching and my nose streaming.

    If this year is a sign of things to come I'll be able to look forawrd to the sight of the blossom without the trepidation I had before.

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