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AML is back

An update about my hubby John, he was +151 days post transplant yesterday, when we got the devastating news that the Leukaemia was back!! His chimerisim had dropped to 85% and there are Leukaemia cells in his bone marrow. To say we are upset is mild really we are heartbroken, he is being admitted to the Freeman tomorrow for more FLAG IDA then a top up of donor cells consultant said this was his best chance although it only carries a 10-20% success rate!! I've used this forum for a while now so thought I would put an update on.


  • Hi Tracey,

    I'm so sorry to hear this news. It's something we all fear as it is always a risk and even later in the transplant journey as I am I live every day with a niggling concern that my Leukaemia could come back and I'll have to go through more treatment.

    I hope Johns medical team can get on top of this quickly and get him back on track successfully. I realise your heads will be spinning at the moment but please stick around and call on us for support as you need it. There may be someone here who has been in the same situation and may be able to help, and of course you have the Anthony Nolan team behind you too, either through this forum or don't hesitate to contact the patient and families team directly.

    I'm sure I speak for everybody here when I send you our best wishes and I have my fingers crossed that the treatment John will now receive is successful.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Tracey,
    I just wanted to say I am very sorry and I am thinking about you and your husband at this horrible time. I had really hoped the falling blood counts were just due to things needing to take time. I echo everything Steve has said. We are here to support in any way we can.
  • Thank you Steve and Greg for your kind words. John goes into hospital today to start chemo, what a battle this all is!

    Kind regards
  • Hi Tracey

    I am so sorry you have received this devastating news you have both been through so much already. Its important to get on with the treatment now and kill off the leukaemia cells. We are all here to support you and John so please feel free to contact us if you need too. I know you are in touch with the clinical nurse specialists at The Freeman who are there to support you through this anxious time, so keep in touch with them too.

    Best wishes
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