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Hi everyone,
Following information from UK Government and the publication of NICE guidelines, we have updated our advice on the coronavirus for people who have received or are waiting to receive a stem cell transplant to treat their blood cancer or blood disorder. Read our coronavirus guidance here: www.anthonynolan.org/coronavirus

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Hi All
I am new to the forum , My husband got diagnosed with AML in mid June this year . He has completed his first cycle of chemo and had a pretty rough time . He is now back in for 2nd cycle . We have managed to get the samples back from his brother who lives in India and it should reach Anthony Nolan tomorrow . All of us are very nervous about the outcome . Can anyone tell me how long it takes for us to know the results .
I would greatly appreciate it .
Thank you


  • Hi there and welcome to the forum, I'm one of the community champions here.

    I was diagnosed with ALL and having a sister she went through blood tests to see if she was a match as a transplant was always the likely outcome of my treatment. She had a blood test early in my treatment and in my case the results came back within just over 2 weeks to confirm that she was sadly not a match. I would have thought the fact that you have the samples from India and they are going to Anthony Nolan that the timescale could be similar.

    Even if your husbands brother is not a match there are still many options open including unrelated donors, cord blood, and even haplo transplants (from a parent) so your husbands medical team will continue to pursue every option.

    I hope your husbands brother does prove to be a match or that a donor can be found from the existing registers, but in the meantime if you can help by encouraging people to sign up to one of the registers it gives your husband and many others a better chance of finding a match.

    Please let us know how things progress and if you have any other concerns please let us know and we will support you through this.

    All the best,

  • Hemz

    I was diagnosed with AML in March 2015. My brother and sister were both tested and I recall a wait time of approximately 2 weeks.

    Just like Steve my siblings weren't a match, I have everything crossed for you and your family that your husbands brother is a match. In my experience Anthony Nolan and the medical team won't be putting all their eggs in one basket, I suspect whilst they carry out the necessary tests they will look on the existing register so please stay positive through this difficult time.

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