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Can anyone tell me roughly the quickest time from the decision to actually having treatment please?


  • Hi Lindsaylou,
    I suspect the answer is probably a logistical one. My hospital told me they needed at least 4 weeks to organise everything when I decided to go ahead. It may be possible to do it more quickly in emergencies. I am guessing some time is needed to plan medications, get cells from donors, organise room availability, etc.
    Hope this helps,
  • Hello Lindsaylou

    As Greg says on average it's a minimum of four weeks as there are number of medical s / tests, organising harvesting, injections for the donor etc.

    Best Wishes

  • Hi
    Thanks for posting, I am the lead nurse at Anthony Nolan. It does take time to identify and work up a donor and I would say 4 weeks would be the minimum amount of time. The reason being that once the donor is identified they then need to have a medical and blood tests and then arrange a time for the donation, all of which realistically takes about a month at least. Meanwhile you will be having organ tests and consultations to make sure you are ready for the transplant too, plus the chemo you receive before the transplant is normally 5-7 days.
    There is more info on our website and you can read our little guide to transplants which you can download here https://www.anthonynolan.org/sites/default/files/The Little Guide for Transplant Patients.pdf

    Please keep up updated on your progress and ask any questions you might have.

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