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Multiple myeloma...stem cell transplant

My partner is due to have a stem cell transplant in a couple of weeks...I’m extremely worried and would benefit from some advice to help me through the process...he has multiple myeloma cancer and this is the next step on his journey


  • Hi Shell,
    Welcome to the forum although sorry for the reason you had to post. I have myeloma and would be very happy to answer any questions you might have about SCT’s in that context. The SCT process can be long and tough, but the medical teams are getting better at them all the time, and SCT’s are known to give good periods of time in remission, so I have always considered it was worth the short term pain for hopefully the long term gain.
    There is loads of support on this forum, so please keep posting as you go through the process - we are all here to help.
    All the best,
  • HI Shell

    Thanks for posting, I am the lead nurse in patient services. I am sorry that you husband needs a transplant, it can be an anxious time with lots of information to take on board, try and take things as your own pace and one step at a time. Its good you have joined the forum for support, you are also welcome to call me if you want to discuss anything at all. My number is 07824139246.

    Keep us updated on your husbands progress.

  • Hi shell,
    I'm in the actually same position as you as my husband is due a bone marrow transplant soon. It's really frightening to feel your loved one has to have a transplant, but my advice is you need support yourself, try ringing the support groups as you need to look after yourself too, it looks like we are going to go through this journey at the same time. My heart ❤️ really goes out to you and wish you and your partner well, please keep me informed of how things are going and people are really supportive on this forum
    Lots of love
    Lindsaylou x
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