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Hi, my husband is waiting to see the hospital about his bone marrow transplant, we have an appointment with the local hospital on Wednesday, but know they haven't got around to even finding a donation yet, my husband loves nature and we have a log cabin booked in the local area on the 4-8th April and a holiday to Scotland on the 17-21st April, he loves Scotland and because his prognosis is not all that great at the moment, these could in theory be the last holidays I have with him. Do they consider working around holidays, does anyone know, as I think it would do us both good to take some time out and have some time alone together. Thank you
Lindsay loo xx


  • Hi Lindsay,

    This is a difficult one as it would probably do him some good to get a break somewhere quiet, hopefully between treatments, but it may not work out that way. I guess it depends what treatments he is having at the moment as I guess he would be having some chemotherapy irrespective of plans to proceed with transplant.

    I guess it would be a case of speaking to his medical team and see how the dates you have planned fit with his treatments. At a guess I would say the local log cabin might be a possibility as he may still be able to attend hospital if he needs to continue treatment or he feels unwell at all. Scotland might be a bit more tricky if it's a long way to return to hospital if he doesn't feel well.

    Speak to his medical team and see what they say. I'm sure they will do what they can, but your hubbys medical care must take priority. I'm sure under the circumstances you would be entitled to a refund if you have to cancel one or both bookings.

    Please let us know how you get on as this may be something others might be thinking about.

    All the best,

  • Hi Lindsay
    As Steve said it depends on what your husbands treatment plan is. I didn't need pre chemo before being admitted to hospital for the intensive chemo so we were able to go away for a couple of days (locally) pre transplant. I seem to remember it was at least 3weeks before as I was trying to avoid busy places etc to avoid getting any bugs/viruses as this can mean the transplant is put back until you are well enough again. it can take a while to get everything sorted for transplant the donor etc, but in the last few weeks before you will find you have a lot of appointments for pre transplant work up tests and getting the hickman line if he doesn't already have one. A bit of a break for you and your husband would be a good bit of light relief and time together with no hospital but your consultants/specialist nurse will be able to give you a timescale as to whether it is possible. If it isn't going to be possible you could plan a few one day outings which would be more manageable best wishes for your husbands upcoming treatment becky
  • Hi Lindsay

    Steve's advice to discuss with your medical team is wise and probably the best plan of action. The positive is that Scotland is still in the UK so it's not as if, should you need to return home, you'll have to last minute sort flights and the local medical assistance should be of a standard acceptable. I would speak to your medical team, in the mean time you could research essentials such as local hospital, if you have mobile connectivity should you need to call the hospital helpline and have thermometer etc.

    I'm sure if the medical team can they will support the trip.

    Best Wishes

  • Hi, thanks for your comments everyone. My husband isn't having any kind of treatment at the moment as a bone marrow transplant is the only option. We are at the hospital tomorrow so will discuss options about the holiday, think Scotland may be a bit ambitious as he is poorly but maybe if they gave him a transfusion, he may feel better. I'm going leave it for my husband and the hospital to make that decision.
    Lindsay Lou ****
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