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Diarrhoea 6 months post stem cell transplant

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has any advice or had similar symptoms.... my friend had his transplantin January this year. Over the last few weeks he’s been troubled with diarrhoea (mostly during the night, 3 or 4 times). So far they don’t think it’s GVHD. Has anyone else experienced this? Would it be down to certain foods irritating his stomach? He has a lot of indigestion too. Any advice would be appreciated as it’s getting him down a bit. Thank you.

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    Hi, I'm about 10 months post transplant now and I have experienced changes in bowel habits post transplant which are not GvHD. I am a lot more frequent and looser (but not diarrhoea) than before. I also find that I have limited bowel control and when I get the sensation that I need to go I need to go!! I also find that some food passes through completely undigested e.g. the odd rogue grape. I am sure I have read that chemotherapy can impact your bowels. I think in my case I am also suffering because I had a continuous cocktail of antibiotics for 5 months which I'm sure have caused changes in my gut flora. Things do seem to be stabilising with time though.

    Wishing your friend all the best,



  • Thanks RobA, he is getting a bit down in the dumps with it. I guess there’s been a lot of trauma to your bodies. His appointment with the transplant team was today and they’ve suggested he ups his steroids a bit. This certainly cleared it the last time but I guess it may return when he weans off them again. Thanks for your input, it’s always a bit more reassuring to know that this happens to others too and he’s not just a one-off who feels things are a bit static for now. Much appreciated
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