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New to the Forum

Hello everyone! I am new to the forum so thought I would just introduce myself.

Following on from an excellent Anthony Nolan patient education day in London back in June, I found out about this forum, so here I am.

My name is Neil and I was diagnosed with ALL in November 2013. After my schedule of chemo I subsequently had a stem cell transplant in 2014 (thanks to my wonderful donor).

If you want a chat or have a question/concern, please feel free to contact me and I will be very happy to help.

Speak soon,


  • Neil

    Welcome to the forum! It's good to have you contributing to the forum.

    I am a Community Champion, i was diagnosed with AML in March 2015 and under 2 SCTs, thankfully the second graft took. It's great to have move voices to share experiences and offer support.

    Best Regards

  • Hi Neil and welcome to the forum.

    Like Rachel I'm also a community champion and here to help however we can, but its great to have as many people here who have gone through transplants and can support others going through theirs.

    Like you I had ALL and was diagnosed in August 2012, having my transplant in January 2013. I had issues with Acute GvHD after my transplant which resulted in a further two years of ECP treatment but that is all clear now and I live as normal a life now as I did before all this happened. In fact I probably enjoy life more now as you feel every day is a gift you almost didn't have.

    Please chip in with the discussions however you can. It is always helpful for patients to hear what they might be experiencing happens to many of us and that they are not alone, so an extra reassuring voice is most welcome.

    I look forward to reading your posts in the discussions.


  • Hi Rachel & Steve,

    Many thanks for your welcome comments.

    I still have chronic GvHD effecting my mouth & eyes, but you just find a way to live with it and manage it. The hospital monitors the issue anyway through regular check-ups.

    I don't work full-time anymore, but just part-time. I would have to say that just you Steve, I enjoy life more than before as I enjoy the very simple things in life. :0)

    Chat again soon,
  • Hi Neil,
    My name is Lindsay and my husband has MDS and starting his conditioning treatment on the 14th September and his stem transplant the week after. I would really appreciate to check in with you at various times through this to get some advice
    I hope this is Ok
  • Hi Lindsay,

    Yes of course, you can contact me and I will be pleased to help answer your questions/queries.
    I hope your husbands conditioning treatment goes to plan on 14th September.

    Chat again soon,
  • Hi Lindsay
    I had MDS. I had DA induction chemo in November 16 then FMC30 conditioning chemo 01.02.17 before my sibling transplant on 08.02.17. I've thankfully been really lucky throughout my treatment and am doing really well now xx
    Everything crossed for you and your husband.
    Bernie x
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