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Side effects

My husband is on day 5 of the conditioning process and all is well so far. His stem cell transplant is Friday from his brother. However, the doctors said he would be very poorly about 3-4 days after that, he has a weak chest from previous chemotherapy so I'm a bit worried. I don't get to see him often as it's quite a distance for me and I can't drive. Can anyone fill me in how they were after the stem cell transplant, I know everyone is different but I want to know what to expect.


  • Lindsaylou

    Post my transplant i was quite unwell my symptoms were a very painful stomach which resulted in vomiting, my mouth had an infection which made it very hard to eat and swallow and general feeling of being. I felt very physically weak and knocked about for approximately a week. The hospital will keep an extremely close eye on your husband, running tests at any sign of infection etc.

    The only advice i can give to him is to speak up, as soon as he feels unwell in anyway this will help his medical team to manage and hopefully prevent anything developing further. I believe the bigger issue in my case was the mental effect of feeling so beaten up. The transplant is hope and then wham you feel rotten and spirits can drop so it's very important to try to stay positive and 'ride' that period through.

    Good luck

  • Hi Lindsay,

    I think the conditioning treatment has a similar effect on us all and unfortunately I don't think it can be avoided, but thankfully we are warned in advance.

    The main effect as Rachel has suggested is vomiting and diarrhea which can be very debilitating but thankfully the worst of it only lasts a few days, though I struggled to eat and still had sickness for some time after. I have heard of people who have not suffered as bad though and I guess that's because we are all so different.

    The conditioning didn't affect my chest so his week chest shouldn't be put under too much stress hopefully. He will be monitored very regularly during this period though so the medical staff will pick up any issues straight away, but it's important he mentions anything that concerns him to them straight away.

    I won't deny that it does feel awful for a time and he will feel very weak but please try and keep his spirits up as it is short lived and it does get better.

    Best wishes,

  • Thank you for your honest comments, I feel more prepared now, now on day 1 so we are just going take one day at a time
    Thanks lindsay
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