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Travel insurance

So I’ve been given permission to go Florida in January next year. I have had to cancel this trip once last November as my aml returned and my little girl is 2 and a half so can’t wait to take her to see Mickey Mouse. Has anyone got any tips for travel insurance?


  • Morning Natalie

    How wonderful, a trip to Florida.

    I don't know of any Anthony Nolan guidance. Macmillan have information on their website and a blog with regards travel insurance. Alternatively call the British Insurance Broker’s Association (BIBA) – you can find a qualified and regulated insurance broker through BIBA. Call them on 0370 950 1790 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

    Best of luck

  • There is a website called Bought By Many which provides travel insurance for people who either have had or are still have a whole series of different illnesses. I haven’t used it myself but it looks an interesting set up.
    I had a transplant four years ago and have been abroad three times since. I have used a company called Insure and Go and whilst thankfully I don’t have any experience of making a claim the buying process is pretty straightforward. Although you can do it online I have found ringing up to be a better bet as the online form doesn’t always recognise specifics illnesses, in my case MDS.
    The people answering the calls are friendly and you go through a preset list of questions. The only questions they will ask you specific to your illness is your haemoglobin level and your white blood cell count so have these with you when you call. Provided they are within certain parameters they should be happy to insure you.
    The one thing they won’t do for me is an annual policy so you have to get a new one for each trip.
    Good luck and I hope you have a fantastic holiday
  • Hi Natalie. I too found the Macmillan website very helpful. This month I am three years post SCT for AML. I eventually decided on Insurewith because the quote was reasonable and I felt the online questions relating to a SCT were very relevant and easy to answer. Such as whether you had GVHD, were receiving lymphocyte infusions or indeed ongoing blood transfusions. I don’t know what would pop up though if you answered yes to any of these questions, as they didn’t apply to me. Last year they would only insure me for individual trips, but I have an annual policy this year. (I do recall someone else on this site saying they got an annual policy a few years post transplant, so that may be the norm.). Have a great holiday, whoever you sign up with.
  • I am almost 5 years post diagnosis of AML and 4 years post alogeinic bmt. I have had 3 DLIs but no Gvhd. I found only one company prepared to insure me on an annual basis and that is Allclear. I am limited to europe so don’t know whether they would cover the States. I found them easy to deal with but fortunately have not needed to claim. Regretfully it comes at a cost. With cancellation over the initial premium was £1000 but the last two times £860 minus cancellation cover. I didn’t need it since I only travel to my home in Spain. Anyway the best of luck. Of interest is whether insures are in breach of the equality act of 2010 if they have a blanket ban which a lot seem to have. They have refused to insure without carrying out an assessment which is a breach. Ask what assessment they have carried to justify refusal or a higher quote. Any views out there. Keith
  • Hi Natalie

    I use insurewith and have used them for Europe and the USA. I got cover 6 months after my SCT but it wasn't cheap (Europe). Last year when I was 4 years post transplant I was covered for the USA and the policy was around £120 for an annual multi trip policy. When I first took out the policy I spoke directly with an underwriter as the person taking the details didn't really understand my situation and the YES / NO questions they ask didn't give the whole picture. May be worth a try.

  • Thank you all for your help. I’ve gone with Insurancewith. They have quoted £162 for 2 weeks in Florida which was pretty reasonable as the previous night I was quoted £800+ by another company!! I know they have to cover their backs in case of relapse etc but surely it should get cheaper the longer we are without relapse hope so anyway!
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