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SCT next week

Hi everyone. It’s confirmed that I am going in for my stem cell transplant next week. I feel so well that it feels wrong that I am having to do this but the tests say otherwise!!! Anyway - any positive stories/advice from this forum would be great as suddenly it feels very real.


  • Hi Gem03

    I felt the same about my transplant. I was really tired leading up to it but didn't feel as if I was ill. Hopefully feeling so well will stand you in good stead for your treatment and transplant. It definitely did for me.
    I would say getting in a routine of getting up, showered and dressed very morning if you can rather than staying in bed helps. Drink plenty of fluids and stay positive.
    Good luck
    Bernie x
  • Hi Gem

    Good luck with the transplant.

    It's positive that you feel well, the transplant pre-regime can be harsh so a strong starting position will hopefully mean that you cope well and by our very nature we tend to be more positive when we feel well.

    I had a SCT 2+ years ago. 116 years post transplant, i trekked the yorkshire 3 peaks (23 miles) I've been skiing every year since, i horse ride twice a week, i live a full and healthy life and having had a transplant hasn't held me back. I won't lie and say i don't have niggling long term health issues but having the transplant was worth it.

    Try to eat as much as possible, as Bernie says drink fluids, take regular gentle exercise such as walking and give yourself things to look forward to.

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