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Only Donor withdrew

Hi all

I’ve posted on here once before asking about Haploidentical transplants, since that question my brother was lucky enough to find a MUD donor, as you can imagine we were all over the moon. My brother was about to begin his conditioning treatment and we have just been told that his one and only donor has been removed from the list... no further information. We are totally devastated, it’s now back to me to donor for him which I’m more than happy to do but I’m massively aware of all the risks and I’m frightened that I may kill him. I know 50% is better than 0% but I can’t help thinking how unfair life is, he’s only 29yrs old. Not sure what my question is but felt I needed to get it off my chest.

Thank you


Best Answers

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    Hi Danni

    That is very disappointing news, i'm sure there is a very valid reason maybe medical reasons however on the brighter note you are able to donate. I received treatment at the same time as another patient who had a Haplo from her daughter, 3 years on she recently celebrated a significant milestone birthday and is doing very well.

    Hold onto the positives, he is young, Haplo is a viable option and the medical team wouldn't proceed unless they believed it was his best option. Good luck.
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    Hi Dannii,
    Just wanted to add please don’t be frightened that you may kill him. You are actually trying to save him. That is the most special thing you can ever do. My brother was my donor and there is absolutely no way I would have wanted that thought to enter his head. He is my hero, and I’m sure your brother will be thinking the same.
    Please keep us updated as to how things go.


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