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Day 74 Post Haplo identical Transplant

edited April 2019 in Early recovery

Hi all
I last posted at the end of Jan when I was donating lymphocytes for my brother prior to giving stem cells. Im pleased to say that after a not so straight forward harvest, my brother has received the cells and so far his medical team are really pleased with his progress. He's been hospitalised twice since SCT due to CMV and RSV but is now currently at home and probably over doing things a bit! So far we've had no signs of GVHD but i think we all underestimated hiw gruelling this would be for all of us. For those that are about to go through the process or supporting someone through the process, please keep your spirits up. The first few weeks were really really difficult and you will experiance some knock backs but each day my brother is getting stronger. Please also keep in tune with your mental health as this is something that has plagued him a bit. Good luck everyone and thank you all for all your support.




  • Hi Danni,
    I'm one of the community champions on this forum. I totally agree with what you say about what a gruelling process it is for everyone. I had an allogenic SCT in 2013. I had previously had an autologous stem cell transplant in 2008 (my own stem cells were harvested and given back to me after intensive chemo). I thought I would be prepared for the allogenic transplant after the autologous one. How wrong I was! I felt totally pole axed and slept for five weeks, scarcely eating anything. It was probably worse for my family who said I came out of hospital as a different person. Recovery at home is difficult too as the patient may be very weak. You are constantly going back to the hospital for blood tests, transfusions etc. However it was all worth it as I am now almost fully recovered.

    With very best wishes to you, your brother and all the family.


  • Hi Danni my son is on day 34 and he has rsv he's home and I know how hard it is thinking about the gvd he has no signs himelf but me son the same won't.keep still hope eveything goes well for your brother Danni

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