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Comming home

Hi my son come home last week he's on day 34 now he's home he saying it's just has bad being in hospital cos he can't do normal things and he's even more bored cos he wants to go out I know he can go out when it's not so busy just in case he pick up a infection dont think he realized how hard it would be with the after care and going the hospital twice a week is very tiring


  • Hi Gabby, its good to hear that your son is home. It's a significant milestone but he still has a long long way to go till he's recovered and I'm afraid to say he probably will find it frustrating.

    If he's young he will want his life to get back to the way it was and go out and socialise, but he won't be ready for that yet. His new immune system is still very much in its infancy so he must be very careful to avoid picking up infections.

    Regular hospital visits will continue for some time yet but will reduce in frequency as time goes on. While they can be frustrating it is reassuring that any changes in his progress can be detected early and addressed. It's important that if he notices any changes, strange feelings, pain, itchiness and so on that he tells his medical team as soon as possible.

    It can be very hard work being a patient at home and it's a nervous time too, without the sterile surroundings of a hospital and nursing staff constantly watching you. It will be hard work on you too as you will need to do the work that the nursing staff were doing, as he won't be able to fend for himself fully for some time yet.

    It may help that he is in familiar surroundings with the comforts of home, but being housebound for so long can be very frustrating for all of us, and sadly it's a necessary evil. I actually found it strange going out when I finally could, even just walking to school to meet my sons at home time felt strange.

    I hope he adjusts and can overcome the boredom. He can hopefully focus on the future when he is well enough to do the things he used to, and in doing so take care to make sure he doesn't jeapordise that by putting himself at risk too early.

    Take care and please keep us updated.

    All the best,


  • Thanks Steve for you help I will keep you updated

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