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Improving post-transplant care

Hi everyone,

I work in the Patient Services team at Anthony Nolan as Patient & Family Engagement Coordinator, and wanted to let you know about an opportunity to shape our work.

Anthony Nolan is currently leading an exciting year-long project to try and address the fact that patients don’t always get the care and support they need after a stem cell transplant.

The first step has been to identify what the best post-transplant care looks like to give us a clear idea of the standard that ‘commissioners’ (the people who organise NHS services) should be aiming for.

We’d really appreciate your feedback on our initial ideas, so it would be fantastic if you could answer this 15-minute survey and tell us what the best post-transplant care looks like to you (the deadline is 5pm on Friday 2 November): https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/BKKFT/

Thanks very much for your help.



  • I think a nurse should come the house once your discharge from hospital has the twice week hospital visits can be very exhausting

  • Hi Gabby

    I am the lead nurse in patient services, thank you for your comment and I apologies for the delay in responding to you. Recovering from a transplant is challenging and the regular appointments can definitely add to the fatigue, especially if you live a long distance away from the transplant unit. The advantage of attending the hospital is that the team understand the unique difficulties and can give you the right advice, which you wouldn't be able to guarantee if you had a community nurse visit you at home. In some areas the care is shared between local hospitals and transplants units but this depends on what services have been set up and therefore varies across the country.

    We have acknowledged that travelling long distances for appointments as a challenge for some patients within the post transplant pathway report and encouraged shared care for some aspects of the recovery. However there are certain types of follow up that should always remain at the transplant unit because of their specialist knowledge. We hope that through collaboration we can begin to address the problem.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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