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Dry itchy face and sore eyes

My husband is almost 3 months post transplant. He went out in the sun for about 20 mins with 50 factor on and face has become much dryer and eyes sorer since then. Did the sunlight cause this? Are we safe to go out even in shade? Would the light winds cause this on a hot sunny day? We are putting on eumovate, hydrocortisone, diprobase and E 45 anti itch cream. Before he had AML he had problem eyes so he used viscose gel tears and beanbags to reduce puffy ness and stinging and this has helped a bit. I would like any other suggestions to help stinging of eyes and any other creams which might be better. I am worried about using eumovate on eyelids. I would also like to know about the safeness for going out in sunlight. Thanks



  • Hi Lara,

    I think in the early days after transplant we are much more sensitive to sunlight. I seem to remember being warned about taking care in the sun, using the maximum protection sun cream and keeping covered up.

    I also had very dry itchy skin, mainly around my face, but also my limbs too and that also started about 3 months after transplant. Mine turned out to be GvHD so it would be worth raising it with your husbands medical team so that they can check and start any necessary treatment. I was put onto steroids initially then other treatments and my GvHD was successfully treated and I have no further problems.

    In terms of dealing with the itchiness I found E45 to be good, though you do need to be careful around the eyes. His medical tram may prescribe a mild steroid cream. If his body is generally itchy I used to have a long bath and soak in E45 bathing oil which is very soothing.

    If his skin is dry on his eyelids he needs to be careful not to rub his eyes. I did and ended up rubbing the dried skin across my eyeballs one time which resulted in excruciating pain as I’d scratched the surface of my eyes. Thankfully some magic drops for a couple of days got them back to normal but it’s not an experience I would want to repeat.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks very much Steve. We are still on weekly clinics so we will get it checked out. Lara

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