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1 year post transplant and CT scan

Hi all

My brother will be 1 year post stem cell transplant (Haplo) in 7 days. He was taken into hospital with suspected shingles, all test results came back good and shingles ruled out. He has got GVHD of the sin and mouth and they suspect that it has gone down his throat, but he's managing.

He's had a really tight chest and has had a lot of pain, he's had a CT scan and theres something there, something in the middle of his chest, they cant biopsy till monday though. The doctor said it could be a number of things;
A virus, another type of leukaemia ( T cell) overactive lymph nodes...

has anyone had any experiance of this? all his blood results were good and no sign of leukaemia, should that rule out the T cell?

Probably should wait till we have a diagnosis but cant help myself ?


  • Hi Dannii,

    Thank you for posting on the forum, I am the lead nurse in patient services.

    Its very encouraging that all his bloods are good and despite having some GvHD, which we know can be a problem post-transplant, your brother sounds like he is doing well. Having had GvHD and a suspected virus means that his lymph nodes could be up so there is a chance that what has been seen could be any of what the doctor has suggested including another type of leukemia and really the biopsy will be the only way to know. Its not unheard of to have any of those diagnoses at one year post-transplant.

    It is completely normal to feel apprehensive and concerned but his team have arranged the biopsy quickly so a diagnosis can be found and then he can receive treatment if needed. Recovery after a transplant can be very up and down even after a year but eventually the downs become less and he will just keep improving.

    If you would like to talk to anyone in our team or have any other questions please do not hesitate to call on 0303 303 0303.

    Keep us updated on his progress.

    Best wishes

  • Thank you Hayley.

    He's going for his bone marrow test tomorrow and is having a PET scan and biopsy of his Thymus gland on Tuesday.

    Again, you start googling things and think the worse. Fingers crossed we get the outcome that we want/need. Thank you for replying.


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