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Partner Passed away after SCT

Hello I had currently been on this site asking questions and seeking advice as my partner was undergoing SCT back in Aug 2022 unfortunately Stephen passed away 10 days after transplant due to infection just wondered if anyone else had any similar experiences and had to have an inquest relating to the death it would be lovely to hear of anyone who's experienced a similar thing and how you coped thankyou Pauline



  • Hi Pauline,

    Can I start by saying I'm so sorry to hear that Stephen passed away following his transplant. I looked back through your posts and I know that his transplant was postponed a number of times so it's incredibly sad that once he had the transplant he got an infection that he couldn't recover from.

    Unfortunately a transplant is such a hard process to go through and it wipes out our immune system completely so your circumstances are a stark reminder that these things can and do happen.

    Today is the 10th anniversary of my own transplant and whilst I can celebrate that I also think of a patient I got to know well whilst I was in hospital. He was slightly older than me, but considering we went through similar treatments in the lead up to our transplants he seemed to handle it so much better than me. When I was laid in bed feeling sorry for myself, he was doing laps of the ward to keep some strength, he seemed so strong. When I was admitted for my transplant his wife popped her head into my room one day to say that he'd had his transplant a couple of days earlier. I found out a few months later that unfortunately he'd got an infection and ended up in critical care and had sadly died. It came as a huge blow to me as I'd got to know him and his wife very well and I remember getting really upset about it. I am still in touch with his wife and I know how much he is missed.

    Whilst I can't relate directly to losing a partner as you have, I always think of this fellow patient and others I have known that have not made it after transplants. It reminds me of how fortunate I've been and that sadly, transplants don't always have a happy ending.

    There may be others here that can give you an insight more directly and I hope they are able to share their thoughts. Have you had any form of support other than friends and family? The Anthony Nolan team may be able to offer some form of support and advice around your bereavement.

    Once again, my sincere condolences for Stephen.

    Best wishes,


  • Hello Pauline,

    My deepest sympathy.

    I'm afraid words are not enough here but please be sure that many of us are with you sending kindness and peace in your grief, having read your post.

    The line between survival and not, is a very fine one, as Steve said, and I feel very close to your story, after 18 months post sct.

    I'm writing because I want you to know we, or I , care, and the silence might represent how closely we feel your story. It could have been any one of us.

    Sending compassion and calm,


  • Thank you both to Helen and Steve your comments and condolences are truly appreciated thankyou Pauline

  • Hi Pauline,

    so sorry to hear about your husband. I to am in a very similar situation.

    my husband had a SCT in August 22 and passed away. He got infections and complications. We knew the risks but you never ever expect this would happen.

    He was only 42. I’m finding it very hard to cope with the loss and have two young children.

    Thinking of you too.

  • Hi Pauline

    I am so sorry to hear of your husband's passing. We try not to post on the forum as much as possible, but on this occasion I wanted to reach out and echo what Steve has said here, we do have resources available on bereavement and if and when you ever feel ready to access them, please get in touch by calling our helpline on 0303 303 0303 or emailing us at patientinfor@anthonynolan.org.

    Smokeybeadle5686, I am equally sorry to hear your husband has passed away, and I would like to reiterate the above to you too.

    What this forum offers is unique however, and the support it offers may well may be enough for you both right now, if that ever changes, we are here.

    Thinking of you both
    Liam at Anthony Nolan.

  • Dear Pauline,

    My condolences for your loss.

    Good luck with the inquest, and all that follows.

  • I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

    I had the same experience with my SCT. I got Sepsis and ended up in Critical care. Fortunately, I pulled through but it was touch and go at one point. I don't think many people get through without getting some form of infection.

    Unfortunately, if a SCT is the only option to be potentially cured, it is a risk anyone would take.

    Again, sorry for your loss.

  • I am so sorry fir your loss, Pauline. Xx

  • I'm so sorry for your loss, Pauline.

  • Thankyou to every one that has commented on this post your words mean so so much Stephen and I new the risks but as someone said we had to try it was his only chance I just wish he was still here he was so positive and a lovely lovely bloke heart of gold alas it was not ment to be but I will not go under with greif I owe him that he would want me to go on and be happy we are 9 months in now after his death and coping admirably god bless you Mr Smith you were an inspiration to me and your two grown sons til we meet again one day Pauline

  • Hi Pauline,

    im in the same position. I lost my husband last week. I’m not dealing with it very well and find it hard for others to understand. I’m here if you ever want a chat. Not sure if I’d be any use but I’m here x

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