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Hi everyone,
Following information from UK Government and the publication of NICE guidelines, we have updated our advice on the coronavirus for people who have received or are waiting to receive a stem cell transplant to treat their blood cancer or blood disorder. Read our coronavirus guidance here: www.anthonynolan.org/coronavirus

New here

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Hi. I'm new here but HL has become an annual gig since my diagnosis in early 2013. Treatment, remission, recovery, relapse, treatment & auto SCT, remission, recovery, relapse. They said I had the 'good kind' of cancer. Curable. I guess my malfunctioning immune system is just plain stubborn. I start brentuximab later this week while waiting for an allo STC. At least that's the plan. In a couple of weeks I go to UCH for "the talk" and to start the process - tissue typing, etc. Lots to get my head around. Thought I'd pop in, say hello and join the club (so to speak). Dee


  • Welcome to the club Dee, I hope you find lots of useful information here and not too many scary stories. We're here to support you through the process and can hopefully help you out with any concerns you have as things crop up.

    Fingers crossed that the Allogeneic STC works for you and stops the cycle of relapse. I guess from what you've said a donor hasn't been found yet and hope that it is straight forward and a donor is located quickly.

    Your outlook sounds positive which is the best way to approach things and if you can stay that way I'm sure it will help you recover quicker.

    Good luck and please keep us updated with your progress.

  • Thanks Steve. I appreciate your good wishes. Dee
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