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  • Laulau1

    Hi Michelle

    How are you doing? I'm trying to carry on as normal as possible. I had another antibody test for covid antibodies still none showing. my chimerism close to 100% one 99% and I'm on immunosuppressants just gone down from three to 2 times twice a day.

    Best news is we have a new furry friend Teddy the cat who been with us since Sunday. I adore him. I've recently joined RHS as they have some lovely gardens to visit and been doing some strawberry picking at local farm.

    My consultant was talking about getting the covid booster vaccine in September when it starts and maybe having different one ie Pfizer to see if that makes a difference.

    Have you had a antibody test?

    Take care

    Lau lau x

    July 9
    • chelle_16
      Hi Lau Lau

      Great to hear from you. The news you shared on the forum recently made me smile. None of our journeys are smooth and i know it took a long time to figure out the right treatment for your mouth sores/gvhd.

      To hear of your chimerism levels too👏🥳. I hope with the reduction of your immune suppresants things continue on this positive path.

      Wow you have been achieving so much. I can imagine attending the gardens is helping you feel better too. Is it having a good impact on your mental health? We have 2 RHS gardens near me that im thinking of going to.

      Aww Teddy sounds adorable. Pets make such a difference to our overall well being. The company, companionship, routine, distraction. Excellent addition to your family.😺

      Sounds like the covid booster will be appropriate for you. I took a private anti body test 2 days ago, haven't had results yet. I have my fingers crossed there is some immunity. I had pfizer vaccine.

      I am well thank you busy. Started studying a while back and supporting charities. I have been going out on occassions to try and get back to the community. Some days are better than others. I suppressed alot of my interests when i got unwell and finding it hard to get back into them but equally finding new things i enjoy, simple walks suit me down to the ground.

      Keep safe,