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  • Hi Elmambo, I’m sorry to hear you’re not too well. I hope you’re getting the support you need in hospital. While I dont know all the details of your situation, it seems that the letter you received may be confirming that your sister’s tissue type is a half-match to yours. As ‘haplo’ or haploidentical’ means a related…
  • oh and there is more information on treatments for sexual problems in our booklet the Next 7 Steps, https://www.anthonynolan.org/sites/default/files/Next_Steps_Digital.pdf pg 96
  • Hi all, I'm Anneliese, Patient Information and Support Manager in the patient team. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences here, it seems like this is a very important issue for people recovering from a transplant. I just wanted to let you know that we are planning to start working on some resources on sex,…
  • Hi there, it's Anneliese here from the patient team at Anthony Nolan. We need to be contacted by your hospital or nearest local transplant centre to perform the search for a match, unfortunately we can't respond to requests for searches from patients or their families. Your transplant doctors should know how to make…
  • Hello all, my name is Anneliese and I am Patient Information and Support Manager at Anthony Nolan. I just wanted to let you know that I am currently writing a resource about work and transplant. I would love it to cover useful issues such as applying for new jobs. It would be great to have your input on this - if you're…
  • Hi Debra, welcome to the community. I'm sure you'll hear from other community members on here soon. Plus this is also a place you can get support for yourself as parent of someone living with blood cancer. I also wondered whether your daughter might find the CLIC Sargent online community useful - it's aimed at people aged…
  • Hi Josh, you might find this organisation helpful. They organise local walking groups and as far as I know, people of all age groups get involved: http://www.walkingforhealth.org.uk/ Anneliese
  • Hi Renate, Thanks so much for doing the survey - if you do have any extra thoughts and comments you could email them to me at anneliese.levy@anthonynolan.org and I can forward them to the researchers if you would like. Anneliese
  • We've recently updated our information about getting in touch with your donor on our web pages for patients: http://www.anthonynolan.org/blood-cancers-and-disorders/information-you-and-your-family/getting-touch-your-donor Hope it helps.
  • We're glad this was helpful kw13. Do you think this would be a useful list to have on the patient section of our website? We're updating the pages for patients at the moment and this might be something we could add in. What does everyone think?
  • Hi James, it's great that you're thinking of ways to promote our work - even on day 17! I have contacted our events team to find out about the t-shirt for you. In the mean time, I think you'll find useful info on the rest of this community that will help with your recovery. I will let you know about the t-shirt. Anneliese
  • Hi Corfu80, thanks for your comments - we really welcome any feedback on the community - it would be great if you could email me with some more detail about your thoughts on navigation round the site: patientinfo@anthonynolan.org. In terms of getting email notifications - you can change your notificaiton preferences. I am…
  • Hi Sally, welcome aboard and thanks for posting. I'm sorry your blog link didn't show up. I will check and see if we can rectify that. Anneliese