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  • Hi Mandy Really great to see you here on the Forum. Keep us updated on how your brother is getting on and i know you'll get some amazing peer support on here. Thanks for your kind words about the Education Day too - we love doing them and I'm glad you and your mum found it helpful. Chiara
  • Thanks Sue Did you know we also have an Anthony Nolan Patient and Family Facebook page too? You'd be welcome on both!! C
  • Hi Sue Another thing to add to Hayley's advice is to be really careful with the footwear you choose. Wearing shoes with a solid sole is really important. Or to put it anther way, big fluffy slippers are the worst! You will find it much easier to know 'where your feet are' in good shoes and be less at risk of having a fall…
  • Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm so sorry to hear about your partner. I'm Chiara and I work in the Patient Team at Anthony Nolan. I just thought I'd jump on with a response to say we are here for you and your partner every step of the way. This is the link that will get you through to our information; you can pick and…
  • Hi Greg You're right not to consult Dr Google! Not because it's bad, just because your histiocytes are related to your transplant rather than occurring by itself out of the blue. So whatever you find won't be specific or even particularly relevant. I'm afraid it's another case of watch and wait until you see the team…
  • Tom this is fantastic news. Congratulations and thank for the update. British Transplant Games next year for Team Anthony Nolan?! ;-)
  • Hello. I just wanted to reassure you that we are looking in to some of the details you mentioned Patrick. Hayley will be back in the office on Thursday and I have asked her to get back to you with any information we have. Thanks Chiara
  • Hi and thanks for posting this message. I must say we've all been a bit shocked by what this GP has done here. This is not routine practice, BMT is a curative option as you know so i can not think why they have done this. I'm sure this has made you all very worried but please be reassured, your transplant centre are your…
  • It sounds as if things are really tricky at home. As Steve has said, suggesting medication is tricky because each transplant is so individual. What I can help you with is what support you should be getting at home. He should never be in the position of not being physically able to get out of the bath. That must have been…
  • Fantastic news for a Friday. Congrats on your 0.1 cells!
  • Hi Sharren I'm sure there are incredible transplant recipients waiting in the wings to give you the support you need but if there is anything we can do in the mean time then please get in touch with us in the Patient Experience Team - we are always here to help. Chiara
  • Hi Susie I just wanted to pop in and say that if there is anything you'd like to have a chat about you are welcome to call the Patient Experience Team on 0303 303 0303. We'd love to grow our parent audience on the forum but as it's still quite new I'm sorry you haven't had a quicker response. It sounds like to you have…
  • Hi LolaB and welcome to the forum. There are some amazing people on here that will help you and we, at Anthony Nolan, are here for you every step of the way.
  • Hi Lisa Welcome to the forum. What an amazing few years you've had!! I'm glad that speaking to someone from Anthony Nolan made you inquisitive enough to come and have a look round. I hope you like what you see... Thanks for sharing and giving people hope of a great life after transplant.
  • Congratulations!!! Hope you have a great party and this time you can all have a bit of champagne!
  • Hi there It seems like you've asked a tricky question here so I wondered if there was anything about PTLD that we could try and discuss with our medical team; try and get you some general advice? I'm really sorry to hear your mum if having such a tough time.
  • Hi Louise, if you are fit and well, aged between 16-30 you can join our register online at www.anthonynolan.org There are many others way you can help us save more lives so thanks for your message.
  • Hi Petervee What a wonderful week! We are all so excited about marathon day and I'm sure it will be extra special seeing your son run in our 'colours'!! Some colleagues are also heading to the Christie on Wednesday so I'm sure it will be a good do. I'll be at the finish line and at the post race reception so I'll maybe see…
  • Christine, that is a really great point. Recovery is all about pacing and by that I mean always managing a level of activity that you can achieve whether you are having a good day or a bad day. It's really hard but you must try to resist the temptation to get everything done when you are bright and breezy or you'll end up…
  • Welcome to the site mumi2girls! Thanks for sharing your husbands story with us. I can't believe he is fell running!!
  • Thanks petervee. a great introduction! Welcome to the community.