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  • Thanks Michelle I’m weirdly excited to get going but have to wait until the chemotherapy tablets work first! I’m not surprised I know they like you (where I am) sometimes to go to nearby flats but you need someone with you 24/7. Had my picc line put in yesterday as was fed up with getting stabbed a million times a week xx
  • Hi Steve thank you I feel much better now. I think it’s all about putting things into perspective. A bit like the chemo last year I was so scared but the side effects weren’t half as bad as what I imagined!!! That’s a good way to describe it I was having a transfusion earlier and talking to a guy who put it exactly the…
  • Thank you Michelle I know the hospital have lots of Ice lollies on tap!!! Thank you Steve that’s so weird you found yourself back in those rooms again! I have heard the rooms are quite big and at least I won’t be moved which is good to know! Fingers crossed. I’m struggling with the fear of relapse already how do you cope…
  • Hi! Thank you for being so supportive it means a lot you read all these horror stories especially as I was on the ward last year for my first treatment and saw the rooms and everyone talked about them like it was this awful procedure to have done that scared Me to death! I haven’t even had the chatbut I’m dreading it. Even…
  • Thank you everyone for your kind comments your all so supportive. It’s good to know there’s so many other people that have got through it and are doing so well! X
  • Thank you to you both! It is all moving so fast I’m starting chemotherapy tablets tomorrow to get into remission. I am so terrified of the side effects! I have read so many horror stories about it all. I have been looking on the website and resources which are keeping me informed I think I will try the helpline as well !