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  • That makes perfect sense. My sister was tested as a match and while I was waiting for the results it meant there was still a chance. Unfortunately she wasn't a match but I was so lucky to have an unrelated donor from Germany. Please let me know how you get on. Joy xx
  • Hi Been for a check up today. My blood is now completely that of my donor, which is brilliant news. I have also had my PICC line removed which feels like massive progress. My very best wishes to you all and I look forward to hearing how you all are xx
  • Hi Steve Definitely onwards and upwards. The only time to look back is to see just how far you've come!! I am really pleased to have this forum to gain insight into other patients experiences. It really helps to be able to look at the different subjects for information. All the best for everyone's continuing better health…
  • Hi I thought It was about time I did an update as I am now on day 55 post transplant. To be perfectly honest the whole transplant procedure was a very long process as I was unlucky enough to have a serious infection resulting in septic shock and being admitted to intensive care for 10 days. I also had severe diarrhoea,…
  • Hi Clare Do your best to enjoy the time before transplant. I find a trying to see the funny side of things helps too. My mantra is "Fake it til you feel it" Unfortunately it's not as exciting as it sounds :-) It's just sticking a smile on your face even if you don't really feel like it and eventually it will become real. I…
  • Hi, I'm also new to all this mullarkey and have several conflicting emotions which I think it quite normal. I am being admitted on Wednesday 6th July for conditioning in preparation for a 9/10 unrelated donor transplant on 13th. I can't comment on any of it now but am happy to as I go through the processes. Best wishes Joy