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  • Hi helen i don’t eat spicy food , I can’t manage dry food , I have a gel for dry mouth , doesn’t really work my mouth gets very sore and lumps in my mouth and tongue,I have I’ve been given a steroid base tablet I put in water and rinse my mouth upto 4 times a day when needed , or twice a day when not as bad , it doesn’t…
  • Hi all i hope you make slight improvements at least that’s moving forwards , im not to bad , my chest is a lot better after taking these low dose of antibiotics , my immune level is still low , nothing they can do for me there , gvhd flare ups are so painful in the mouth and gullet I’m back to clinic next week so see what…
  • Hi helen i think mental strength helps so much , I’m trying very much to listen to my body pleased to hear you feel a little better it all helps stay strong x
  • Hi all sorry I haven’t been on here for a chat , I haven’t felt in the right head space . now after change of medication for depression and emotion I feel so brighter I feel so positive hope it continues , everything else is still the same I really wish you all brighter days , I can t help chatting about different meds and…
  • Hi Dave I really hope you find some ease soon , don’t give up you’ve come so far even if you don’t think so ❤️
  • Hi helen i know how you feel , one step forward then 3 steps back , I like to knit when I’m not so tired or I read hope they can sort something for your feet & you feel stronger soon ❤️
  • Hi all i haven’t had good taste buds since 1998 due to radiotherapy , I can’t taste mild food ,but can’t eat spicy , I really hope your movement is getting better 🤞that will make a big difference stay strong❤️
  • Hi Helen that’s good news about your taste buds , it’s awful when you can’t taste food take care xx
  • Hi helen i feel like that a lot , my memory , I loose my train of thought , I don’t think of dying , I have terrible mood swings some days , I think it’s just part of the course I’m trying to be kind to myself and give in some days take care stay strong ❤️
  • Hi all hope you have a peaceful Easter Day , please be kind to yourselves ❤️
  • Hi all pleased to hear from you all , we all have our struggles in all different ways , I wish you all peace ,happiness and positivity stay strong and remember we never walk alone ❤️
  • Hi helen i think our bodies have gone through so much , we just have to do what we can when we can , hope you have more positive days my ct scan has come back not showing bronchitis , I’m always breathless don’t know if it’s scar tissue or not I had 2 rounds of conditioning chemo before I had my bmt so it could be that ,…
  • Hi helen pleased you feel positive every little helps my chest is the same they don’t know what it is ,my ct scan has shown no signs of bronchitis , but still shortness of breath I’ve crusty kidneys and scar tissue , I have another app in may so see what he says then just maybe it’s part of this treatment and all the radio…
  • Morning helen thats good news , I bet you are so relieved at that 🤞it brings you some ease ❤️
  • Hi all helen I hope you get the treatment that will help and you get ease soon , also the same goes to you Dave , stay strong ❤️
  • Morning all so sorry to hear of your struggles , I haven’t been on this group , as I didn’t feel I could help you in anyway , with my words im struggling more mentally at the moment I have the best treatment and the most wonderful consultants and professors , I never google or question their treatments as I feel they know…
  • Hi helen so sorry to hear are having such a rough time , hope they can sort something out for you soon stay strong you can ride the storm ❤️
  • Hi helen sorry to hear you are struggling , we are all vulnerable , keep positive and strong with the help of your doctors you will get there , have faith in them aswell as yourselve we all struggle , look at how far you have come take care ❤️
  • Hi audrey im having a really tough weekend 10 days positive tests ,struggling mentally and physically hope you are all ok ❤️
  • Hi Dave I struggle everyday with mental health issues , and other things that I struggle to cope with (my dad before he died always look on the bright side of life ) I always think there’s people worse than me and a leat I’m still here keep strong xx
  • Hi all grief is so different for everyone , like everything in life , we all have to do what is best for ourselves I hope helen and Dave I hope you get some ease soon keep strong audrey it’s strange I have the same as your daughter , I thought the same as you that they were the same thing sending my love ❤️
  • Hi audrey ii have them coughs , regular thankfully not hospitalised , I’ve been told it’s secondary still waiting for results from c t scan , I really hope she gets home soon ❤️
  • Hi all ive just had a test this morning ,its awful high temp , bad chest , feeling rough , both myself and husband have it , yeah we’re isolating hope fully feel better soon Dave I hope things start to get better keep strong ❤️
  • Hi all hope you are doing ok ive been feeling a bit down , now I’ve tested positive for covid **** hospital app 😢, had a gp app about my mood she’s said to try some herbal boost powder , so going to give it a try it has good reviews love to you all ❤️
  • Hi beaglegirl pleased talking to Liam has helped even a little bit, you don’t have to say sorry , just wish we could say something that would help , stay strong and take each day as it comes , always here ❤️
  • Hi, you should really contact them back , they might beable to help you if they knew Martin aswell as they have a common bond with you , try anything please ❤️
  • Hi I still think you should go back to your gp and ask for a grief counselling face to face have you got friends you can talk to or family , you could stay with , or stay with you until you get on your feet a bit ❤️
  • Hi beaglegirl im so sad to hear your pain , I really do think you need to speak to someone , who is trained in dealing with grief , our friend got a teddy made in her husbands clothes , and she hugs that and talks to it , and it has his aftershave on , please call your gp and see if they can help you ❤️
  • Hi beagle girl you are not upsetting anyone on here , we are all on here for help in someway , I agree you need to get the angry feeling out any way you can as you won’t heal, I never felt angry at my diagnosis just worried that I would die and leave my family , I’ve told my husband that I felt so lonely as I was in…
  • Hi beaglegirl i wouldn’t google anything , I think that it would make you tick more , you need to think of the good times , the love you shared , ii ts not your fault things happen , the dr would have done everything for him and so did you please think of the good times and stay positive ❤️