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  • Yes, my husband has not eaten now for 3 months and is very poorly as he is coping with the heart failure, and being neutropenic. Did they find out why your graft failed? Thank you for your replies.
  • Thank you Michelle. I remember your story and so pleased you are in recovery. Did you have the same donor for your second transplant? Also, did you have a different conditioning regimen? My husband has started the treatment now, on day -3 and so far tolerated the drugs well. Although, I know that it takes a few days for…
  • Thank you for your replies. The MRI came back clear for infection, and he is much less confused today which is good. I can see a little more energy in him, which is also good, as tomorrow he starts the treatment for his second transplant. It is true to concentrate on one day at time as it makes it more manageable. And…
  • Thank you Claire. I have just emailed the address you provided. Thanks so much.
  • Thank you so much for the comments. It just wasn't on my radar that graft failure was something that could happen and it's good to know there are others on this forum that have gone through this too. He went for a CT scan yesterday and will have an MRI today for his brain as he is also very confused and not really with it/…
  • he's not still in ICU - he was in twice and is now back on the haematology ward - just wanted to be clear.
  • Thank you. The nurse said that he may have picked up an infection from his gut bacteria. Although he hasn't spiked a temperature for a couple of days. I am just praying it's an infection causing the drop, but my instinct tell me something else is going on. This is such familiar territory, his bone marrow never bounced back…
  • Thanks so much. It does give me some hope. To be honest, I'm definitely thinking the worst, as we only ever get bad news. But I don't know yet why the neutrophils have dropped. It might be that they are fighting infection somewhere. But in a way, it's better to be prepared. It's good to know that there are things they can…
  • Actually, previous to this, it was the lymphoma stopping his bone marrow from working - maybe this is a slightly different context?
  • That's amazing, what a journey you have had. I am concerned that without neutrophils he will end up with infection after infection, as this has happened a couple of times before and he has been close to the edge each time. This time he is so much weaker. How did you get on for so long with little immune system? I've always…
  • Sorry, I meant to add, they re-started the GCSF a few days ago and the nurse said she would have expected the donor cells to have responded and picked up on the neutrophils by now, not dropped further.