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Hi everyone,
Following information from UK Government and the publication of NICE guidelines, we have updated our advice on the coronavirus for people who have received or are waiting to receive a stem cell transplant to treat their blood cancer or blood disorder. Read our coronavirus guidance here: www.anthonynolan.org/coronavirus


Transplant delayed again. The CT scan still showed lesions on the liver and hence the risk of infection outbreak during the transplant. The next possible date likely to be April sometime. I must have a very understanding donor on standby so extra thanks to that person. No MDS symptoms at present other than a general malaise which is probably as much to do with my self imposed hermit style existence.


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  • It seems that the liver lesions have shrunk but not enough, so my transplant is delayed again until mid January at the earliest. Frustrating but I recognise the risk, so it will be a very quiet Christmas at home.
  • Hi Rachel Thanks for your welcome and support. Thanks Philip
  • Hi Bernie That was good to hear that things have been going well for you. I needed that. Keep it going that way. Thanks Philip
  • Hi Steve Thanks for your welcome and message of support. Finding your forum has been a big positive step for me and I will stay in touch. Thanks Philip
  • Hi Bernie, Thanks for your support. It is good to hear from someone who has been through the experience. I hope you are making a good recovery. Thanks