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  • I ddi the survey very quickly on my tiny phone screen, but I would have liked to leave some comments
  • I went to Germany last week and met my donor, a young woman who lives 2 hours away from my Mum in Baden Wuertenberg. I had expected it to be more emotional, but she kept me at an arm's length, which is ok. From the emails we exchanged I realized that she did not want to be overwhelmed by my huge gratitude or think about…
  • I don't even take travel insurance when abroad, Europe, NZ & US. Like to live dangerously, don't seem to worry anymore about potential consequences.... And there is EHIC for Europe and NZ has something similar to the NHS, just no excuse for America!
  • Welcome! I must get more active myself here...
  • Thank you for the info.That Holiday safe sounds good.. I'll check it out. I am still travelling without insurance, willing to take the risk. It's alright in Europe with the EHIC and decided not to worry about it in the States. having lived through this experience made me worry less about some things (and more about other!…
  • I'll be meeting my donor next week in Germany! I am so excited. Wishing you all well.
  • My husband came to see me very day; it was a 40 min busride for him each way & waiting time or a lift form a friend. he was my rock and my light. We watched movies, played board games, walked around the hospital, even when it was not allowed. he went through the whole experience with me, if not in bod, but definitely in…
  • I developed a very strong liking to roast chicken legs after my transplant and I was a vegetarian before. My donor loves meat, so it must come from her cells :). Over 2 years on, I still indulge...
  • Hi Peter, I go to UCLH in London for my check ups, a brand new Macmillan centre, and my 2 years will be up end of April. I have been writing anonomous letters with my donor in Germany and I can't wait to be able to get to know her. She seems quite keen. The check ups are always a worry and reassuring at the same time. I…