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Hello, I am new to this group. My son had an allo stem cell transplant a year ago. He had stage 4 ,anaplastic large cell lymphoma . His bloods are showing mixed chimerism and he has needed "top up" stem cell procedures, direct lymphocyte infusions. Around Christmas his ongoing chesty cough of about 10wks got alot worse and he got the flu. This wiped him out completely. All his neck nodes enlarged spectacularly, to the point he couldn't open his jaw or eat. The team were gearing up to biopsy them. Eventually they did go down ...and things are back to normal now. He is due another round of childhood vaccines this week and another DLI in a few weeks. There will be a delay as the reserves have run out in the lab and they have to ask the donor again. The team have mentioned about doing a BM biopsy, as it's one strand on the chimerism with failing /low results and Chest CT scan. Is there anyone who had DLI & how many transfusions did you need& over what time span before 100% chimerism? Did another BM biopsy happen? I'm quite anxious, as 8 weeks post transplant there was a very suspicious area in his lung....and the team thought he would need radiotherapy. I worry that theres a problem ahain, but try not to show it. Any advise would be really welcome. TIA Val x


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  • Hi Will, I am pleased to hear you are in remission again after relapsing. My son is also waiting for his next DLI. The reserves in the lab at his hospital have run out and his medical team are contacting the donor again, via Anthony Nolan, to request further donations. Have you had any updates about yours yet? Kind regards…