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5yrs 6months post SCT. Yippee!!


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  • Rebate, You mention no travel insurance. Well there are travel insurance companies out there who will insure us. I started off cruising with exclusions from insurance only to read the small print that stated you had to have inclusive travel insurance, bit more expensive but not too bad. I'm in Dubai at mo for 2 weeks,…
  • Teach her card games or chess/draughts.
    in Boredom! Comment by corfu80 March 2014
  • Hi David, I'm 5yrs, 6 months post Stem Cell Transplant from my brother & it is definitely worth it. If I told you I was sitting up in bed in sunny Dubai whilst staying with my friend of nearly 40 yrs, you' d probably be surprised. All I will say is that 'they' do know what they are talking about & you'll only get all those…
  • Hi everyone, Just thought I'd let you know that my body is telling me I've done too much over the last 2 weeks, swollen glands in my neck, so I know I need to slow it all down a bit. I have pruned 3 rows of champagne vines in the last week, a very physical task but also very enjoyable, especially when you receive the…
  • I'm actually finding this forum very helpful as a link to others that have been through the similar experiences to me. I feel a bit 'left out in the cold'. Not really sure how to explain it. The whole experience is so unreal, extreme, & totally unimaginable to someone who hasn't experienced it. A lot of the other cancers…
  • Hi everyone, I've been posting since Jan but don't know if I did this bit. My history - diagnosed AML April 2008, 3 courses chemo over next 4 months on a trial (think it was 15). Lucky to gain remission on first attempt. 6&9 chromosomes had changed places so worst prognosis for future, referred to Southampton for stem cell…
  • Hi Heather & Diesel, Well like I said previously my 'normal' is actually better than my pre AML normal! I haven't experienced GVHD & at 2 yrs asked what that would mean. My consultant said they didn't really know. I'm still here & extremely fit & healthy. Stamina - this gradually builds up. I remember coming home &…
  • Nice to swap chat with you Petervee & Jayne. I was allowed to fly to Portugal at nearly 3 yrs, fly to Barbados & cruise the Caribbean 9 months later. I never thought I'd do that pre-illness let alone post! I cruised for 28 days from Chile to Sydney last February, cruising past Easter Island, the Pitcairn Islands, calling…
  • Hi Petervee, I'm 5½yrs post STC from my sibling & life's good. Think this site will prove interesting as I don't know anyone else who's had a STC & sometimes you feel a little 'out there on your own'!
  • Hi Everyone, I've just logged on for the first time, after a little hiccup that the team have sorted for me.