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  • Whilst I didn't have the nausea etc - I did get the ulcers in my mouth and throat and that was so painful to try and eat with, or take tablets and my appetite just completely left me. What did help though was soluble paracetamol - hold in mouth before swallowing and it alleviates the pain just enough to swallow something -…
  • Thank you both for your replies! Hayley - my medical team are aware I've returned to work and are happy enough with that - just a bit surprised as it is still very early to do so - but they also see I'm a very determined person and somewhat stubborn :-) - and like you have urged me to be careful and not over do it. I am…
    in Day 63 Comment by had0171 October 2017
  • Sorry for the late reply - but I do know how you feel, as my sister donated her stem cells to me and there is a feeling of being beholden to her for the rest of my life, and always having to show how grateful I am. Don't get me wrong - I am incredibly grateful to her as it was tough for her and she has saved my life - but…
  • I have been contacted by one of the transplant team nurses - and I have dates for tests and a provisional 'check in' date for hospital - all going well this is July 29th, with Aug 8th being the day I receive my sisters stem cells...happy days :-) Although relieved I have the dates now - it all seems very real now and…
  • Thank you everyone - that's been really helpful! My sister (my donor) has just text me to say she has been contacted by the donor team at Kings College Hospital - and she will be going in the next couple weeks for her bits...so that very reassuring! I just had fears of it being cancelled or postponed for months - I just…
  • Thank you Hayley - that was really helpful!!!
  • Thank you so much for your reply - and for allaying my concerns. My animals are an integral part of my life and will play a big part in my recovery so that is a huge relief.