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  • Time for an update... Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted in the forums - my apologies! I've been manically busy and neglected you all. Since we last spoke Dad is doing well now and has been very fortunate while in recovery. He still gets tried easily but he's happy enough. He visited his work a couple of…
  • Peter, that's a fantastic story. I bet your donor was just as thrilled to meet you as you were to meet them!
  • Hello Jonni! Welcome to the forums. I'm sure there will be plenty of people here with some great advice. Make sure you read through the different threads as I'm sure that your own advice will be valuable to others too :) Wishing you a happy New Year Sam :)
  • Hi All! You'll be pleased to know that planning for the concert is going well and looking forward to being able to put the tickets on Sale at the end of January. I'm hoping to put together a few donor drives at the same time for the dual purpose of finding new donors and promoting the show. I've set up a crowdfunding page…
  • Hello again everyone, I thought that it was time for a bit of an update! Dad has now been discharged from Addenbrookes and only has to attend day clinic 2-3 times a week. Its such a relief to have him at home. Having Mum drive all the way to Cambridge everyday had me worrying, especially at this time of year when the roads…
  • Dad is now in Addenbrookes. He received his blood stem cell transplant on Thursday last week and hes doing well. The consultant seems to be pleased with everything so far. He mentioned that the donor is the same blood type so his match is really good and that everything is as expected. Just now he is feeling rather bored…
  • I finally got my email today from the Trust saying that I have been accepted on to the donor register! I'm so proud to be able to even be on the register. I really hope that some day I will be able to help someone as much as other people before me have!! :D Dad is hopefully being admitted to Addenbrookes tomorrow after his…
  • David that sounds like a really nice idea, perhaps you can send me an email? samuelbiscoe@hotmail.co.uk
  • Hello everyone. Thank you so much for your comments and well wishes and apologies for taking time in replying to you all. We finally had my Nan's funeral today after having to wait a few weeks due to some complications. Its been a long and emotional day particularly for Dad. A week ago I don't think Dad would have made it…