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Transplant birthdays.

it's my one year post-transplant birthday next Wednesday - 29th October.
When's your post transplant anniversary - and did you celebrate in any special way?


  • Hi
    On my first anniversary I was just getting over the influenza 3 virus and not feeling brilliant, we did share the occasion with family members and went out for a meal. A week later when fully recovered my wife and I went off to Cumbria to celebrate ourselves and have some chill out time together, three nights away felt like a weeks holiday and the weather was kind. Lots of tea, cakes, gentle walks and relaxed evenings.
    It was our third short break away since transplant and a good opportunity to measure how things were improving.

    Do mark the occasion in some way and maybe make a note and next year hopefully you will see how much you have improved.

    This year we celebrated again but over two days with my 3 grown up children and grandchildren going out for meals, because of work and travel commitments we couldn't all get together on the same day so we did quite well out of it. I'm really pleased that my children want to share the occasion with us.

    Enjoy next Wednesday and best wishes.

  • I'm planning to get married! We've already postponed it once due to ill health and we are open to the idea of doing that again if need be. We want to get on a train after the service and go somewhere nice for a couple of nights and not talk about being ill!
  • Fantastic idea Olivia. It would be great to have two special things to celebrate each year, your wedding anniversary and your re-birthday together. I hope all is well with you and please let us know if your plans to get married on your anniversary come to fruition.

  • Hi..my transplant birthday....which I celebrate every year is 23rd June...This year is 21 years..I was lucky.my brother was match but this year I'm determined to make people aware how easy it is to save a life x
  • My transplant birthday is February 22. it's 14 years this time. Every year I celebrate with a bit of fizz and toast my donor whoever he is and my friends and family who got me through. This year I'll be in Burma for it so don't know what or who I'll be toasting with.
  • That's fantastic Anni. I love hearing from people who've had transplants many years ago. It helps makes us 'youngsters' feel much better and the prospect of a long life so much more realistic.

    Wherever you are on the 22nd, happy anniversary and please have a drink on us!

  • I had a fabulous first birthday celebration at the end of March in a local venue with about 30 friends and family – it was great to upgrade to a glass or two of Prosecco after drinking sparkling elderflower cordial on the same day the previous year!
  • A belated happy first re-birthday George!!

    I hope you're doing well and getting back to normal a year+ after your transplant. It's a great excuse to celebrate with family and friends after what you've been through, though if you're like me, every day is now a celebration!

    All the best,

  • George,

    Very pleased to hear that you were able to celebrate your first birthday recently and hope that you are making good progress and enjoying life.

    It will be my third anniversary at week end. I will certainly be celebrating. My daughter is due to have a baby on Saturday. On Saturday evening I am off with one of my sons and his eldest son to a fund raising event at the Manchester Velodrome where they are doing a charity cycle event for my local transplant unit at The Christie. On Monday my other son arrives from down south to stay for a few days and together we all plan a get together and meals out all subject to baby's arrival! I shall also be in touch with David, my donor for a chat and catch up, I know the occasion is one he also celebrates and we toast each other. Definitely an occasion to celebrate.

    Best wishes

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