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Hi, I'm new to the forum so thought I'd say Hello!!

I spoke with a researcher yesterday for ANT regarding returning to work post transplant which brought me to see what ANT where up to at the moment!

So here goes... I am now 13 years post transplant. Diagnosed at age 21 for MDS. Transplanted at the Royal Free by a UK donor who I have been very lucky to have been in contact with for the past 12 years!

I discovered I had MDS following a routine blood rest and was transplanted 3 months later. I feel one of the lucky ones to find a donor so quickly.

Since then I've been around the world competing for GB in Volleyball in the World Transplant Games, carried both the Olympic Torch and the Commonwealth Baton, got married and had 2 beautiful children.

Life changed direction for me following my transplant, new doors opened allowing me to explore new opportunities!

I hope others have had equally exciting adventures through life as having been in the position where the future looks bleak and being given a chance of life makes you realise how important life is.



  • Hi Lisa
    Welcome to the forum. What an amazing few years you've had!! I'm glad that speaking to someone from Anthony Nolan made you inquisitive enough to come and have a look round. I hope you like what you see...
    Thanks for sharing and giving people hope of a great life after transplant.
  • Hi Lisa

    Welcome to the forum, I am one of the Community Champions and hope you will keep in touch and share some of your experiences. It's great to have a new member on board.

    I too was diagnosed with MDS early in 2012 and had an unrelated donor transplant in May 2012. Lots of ups and down along the way but generally things are very well, definitely a life changing event. It was also picked up following a routine blood test so I had no idea what was going on and had no symptoms.

    I had anonymous contact with my donor for the 2 years post transplant, we actually met up 2 weeks ago, we live about an hours drive away. I was really pleased to have met him and he wanted to meet me.

    I was able to retire following transplant, I haven't taken up any of the activities that you did but I am able to go walking, do gardening and keep busy with grandchildren. I have also got involved with doing bits of voluntary work for AN, things that I had never considered before and I'm enjoying it.

    Please keep in touch with the forum, you do sound like you have lots to share.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Lisa and welcome.

    Great to hear that you are still bouncing fit after all this time, which gives newbie transplantees like me hope for some longevity.

    Well done on taking part in the transplant games. I remarked to my wife that it is something I could apply for; if only there was a sport suitable for my aging body. I can grumble for England but sadly that's not a sport!

    I recently sent a note of thanks to my donor, but being within the 2 year limit I have to remain anonymous at this stage. I haven't heard back from them yet. Whether I will remains to be seen and I guess it's not for everyone, but I felt it was important to thank them and let them know I'm healthy.

    Please stick around and share your experiences with us here.

    All the best,

  • Hi Lisa, wow you've been busy! Great to hear how well you're doing, as the others said do stick around and share...

    My daughter had a transplant nearly two years ago so am planning to contact her donor soon....

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