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Just to introduce myself, I have joined this forum as my daughter was born with infantile ALL. She is 12 weeks now, on her second round of chemo and hopefully having a bone marrow transplant if all goes to plan


  • Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Sorry to hear about your daughter and hope the treatment she is now having will lead to a successful transplant.

    All of us on this forum have been affected in some way by transplants or are family members or carers. We try and help and support each other, so do please keep in touch and keep us updated on your daughters progress. We are here to support you.

    The Patient Experience Team at Anthony Nolan can offer you lots of information and support and are there for you if just want to have a chat at any time. They really are helpful.

    Best wishes

  • Hi Viki,

    So sorry to hear of your daughters diagnosis, but I hope the treatment goes well and is successful.

    As Peter says, please keep us posted and do come here for help and support. I'm not sure if anyone so far has posted about someone so young, but I know you'll find sympathetic ears here when you need help or to get something off your chest.

    Good luck to your daughter. We will all have our fingers crossed for a successful and speedy recovery.

  • Hello,

    Thank you both for your messages. Sorry for my late reply I have been in the hospital with my daughter and haven't had very good access to internet

    We have had a meeting with Bristol children's hospital. They said my daughter has a rare tissue type but they have managed to find four potential donors. They have also found a match in the cord bank. We will be going back for another appointment once the lab has received samples as she might also be eligible for immunotherapy if they are able to use an adult donor.

    It's all looking very positive at the moment so I am feeling hopeful

  • Hello Viki

    Good news to hear about the potential donors and cord match. Sounds like your medical team are doing their best. Pleased to hear too that you are feeling hopeful.

    Thanks for the update, keep in touch when you have the time and don't forget Anthony Nolan staff are there for you if you need any advice or a chat.
    Or just come onto this forum anytime you feel like, we will always offer our support.

    Best wishes to you both.


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