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Does anyone have an intolerance to alcohol? what are your reactions to it?

Since my transplant i haven't been able to tolerate alcohol at all. First time i tried any was 1yr post transplant, i drank 4 bottles of corona which was only 4.5% which wasn't that strong - felt absolutely fine, then went for meal, literally a couple of mouthfuls down got really bad stomach ache and felt really nauseous, then the vomiting started - i could cope with the vomiting but i was also having full on rigors - teeth chattering, body shaking - this lasted for several hours. So after that episode didn't touch alcohol for a few months then tried one bottle of cider - again the same thing happened, i have really touched alcohol since - it's as though my body is getting rid of the toxin(alcohol) as soon as it hits the stomach - it's very worrying and frightening.

Best Answers

  • Accepted Answer
    Well,my obvious advice to you Claire,is don't drink!
    Your body obviously isn't coping with it.
    Know you probably think that is easy for me to say but what's the point if you are making yourself ill after all you have been through ?
    There are some non alcoholic beers on the market which aren't too bad .
    Better talk to your transplant team on your next checkup and see if they can help you understand why this is happening.
    Good luck and keep well,
  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Claire,

    I've been OK with alcohol and had my first about 6 months post transplant. Thankfully I'm able to drink normally now but I haven't pushed it too far!

    I wonder if your difficulty stems from the complications you had with your liver and kidneys that you mentioned in your introductory post? I'm no medic but I wouldn't be surprised if they continue to struggle with the alcohol after the battering they took? Perhaps as Una says it's something to ask your transplant team next time you see them.



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