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Transplant Anniversary


Congratulations on your second anniversary and really pleased to hear you are feeling so well.
Enjoy the occasion.

Best wishes,



  • Thanks Peter. Feels like a massive relief to have reached the two year milestone today. Hopefully my chances of long term survival without the Leukaemia returning are good now.

    Massive thank you to Anthony Nolan for the work they do in finding donors for me and so many other people, and to my donor wherever they are, I am truly indebted.

  • Congratulations, Steve! Ad maiora!

    I love hearing about people further down the path than I am reaching milestones. It inspires, encourages and heartens me. I'm amazed that my first anniversary is only a little over a couple of months away...

    All the best,
  • Thank you George.

    I know that as you approach your first anniversary, you are probably feeling that things are going so slowly, but take each day as it comes and enjoy it.

    Looking back now to two years ago it feels like only yesterday, though so much has happened since then. Just before Christmas I had a review with the consultant that has been treating me for GvHD and she is confident that there are no signs of it any more, so hopefully a couple more cycles of photophoresis will make sure it's gone and I can look forward to normal life.

    For now I feel as healthy as I did before all this began and with a new project at work to get my teeth stuck into I'm finally beginning to feel like this whole episode of my life is over and more determined than ever to help others do the same.

  • Congratulations Steve on reaching your 2 year milestone. I wish you well going forward
  • Thank you STake2. You'll be there befor you know it too. I hope things work out for you second time around.

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