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18 months immunity

Hi, just wondering how others are doing immunity wise! I'm 18 months post transplant and the info available for this stage seems sparse in terms of this. I have a 4 year old & 8 year old and at the moment seem to pick up every one of their virus's. They bounce back quick & I seem to be floored and then run down afterwards with other little infections joining in, cold sores or eye infections. I find I jump to take antibiotics because I'm scared of a worse infection starting and putting me in hospital but that of course makes me more run down! Is anyone else finding this?? It is just everyday general bugs but would like to not have a constant cold!! I do tend to liken myself to an 18 month old baby and they are constantly snotty!! Any others experience appreciated. Thanks!!!


  • I guess we're all different, but at 28 months post transplant I'm not doing too badly. I still find that things knock me back harder than they used to though and only a couple of weeks ago I had a flu-like bug which really knocked me for 6. Thankfully though it only took a week to get over with nothing more than the usual Beechams flu-plus tablets.

    I think it's a case of being careful and avoiding contact with people with coughs and colds, though with young kids I can see how that is hard to avoid.

  • Just an update I seemingly had an awful virus that was doing the rounds. Took a good few weeks to regain my energy afterwards too. The hospital seemed very nonchalant, everybody seems to pick these things up after transplant and hopefully they will become less frequent over the years. But the increased frequency of colds etc is very normal apparently.
  • I don't have any kids to regularly supply viruses, but I do seem to be getting better at beating them as time goes on. Every time I do so, I like to think my immune system has got a little bit stronger...

    Having said that, I came off the antiviral med aciclovir a couple of weeks ago and promptly got shingles – I had a similar experience to you, hanloumac, in that the doctors told me it was quite normal and almost expected after I came off the aciclovir.
  • Hanloumac

    My children are all grown up but I have five grandchildren, two of them aged 5 and 2 live the closest and we see them a lot, they do get runny noses and eyes and it very hard not to have any contact with them. My wife is like a Rottweiler when they are like that and tries to keep us apart and insists on hand cleanliness even now 3 years on from transplant.

    With all the precautions we still take I have been hospitalised twice since Christmas with 2 different flu viruses. The most recent about 5 weeks ago and I'm still recovering and not back to the energy levels I had before. Each time the flu has hit me almost instantly, I'm pleased that my transplant centre has a Hotline which even now we are encourage to contact at the first sign of an infection or problem, so it is a real assurance to have that back up.The quicker treatment can be given the better.

    I'm sure things will improve for you as time passes.

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