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Hello All, newbie to all this. please could somebody help me?

Hi there,

I would like to start by introducing myself, My name is Rachel and I live in Godmanchester.

My Dad has had AML twice now and now still has CML, he has had chemotherapy both times for the AML and responded well and went into remission for ten months after the first time, so now his heametology consultant has asked him to gain as much information as possible as if the bone marrow he had done last week comes back that the chemo has made improvement then he would suggest a bone marrow transplant as the next step. He is 63 and also has suffered from angina attacks and had a stent put in at Papworth hospital roughly 2 months ago.

My dad has said to me that he wishes he could speak to somebody in the same situation or that has been in that situation before as he would like to know their experiences, hence the reason for this post. I will be signing him up to this Anthony Nolan website when he is feeling a bit better and has the concentration to learn how to use this tablet that I'm using to do this as he isn't too great with technology. Lol.

My Dad, my family and I would be very greatful for any responses.

Wishing you all success, love and happiness

Thank you so much

Kind regards


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    Hi Rach

    Welcome to the Forum to you and your dad. My name is Peter and by coincidence I live just outside Manchester up here in the North.

    I was 63 years old and working when I was diagnosed with bone marrow failure, it's called hypoplastic MDS, I had no real health issues it was something picked up in a routine blood test. I know it is not the same condition your Dad has but I was given only one option as a cure and that was a stem cell transplant. I was diagnosed in about March 2012 and had the transplant in May that year. I'm pleased to say the transplant was a success but not without it's up and downs along the way.

    I took the opportunity to retire before transplant and keep busy now with lots of walking and looking after grandchildren.

    It would be great if you could teach your dad to get used to using a tablet. There are lots of members of the Forum who will be happy to share their experiences and offer support.

    Please keep in touch and if I can help your dad or you I will be more than happy to, get in touch anytime.

    Best wishes to you all.



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    Hi. Thank you so much for your reply. I will see if I can teach him, just I know he will get frustrated with it lol. Wow sounds like you have dealt with a lot, bless you. Did you have any gvd or anything like that and do you know the chances of having to have more than one transplant? Would it be OK if I gave you his email address please and maybe you could speak via there for now? Until I make an account for him on here and show him how to use it properly. This may take a couple of days. Lol. We went to see his consultant today and they didn't get enough information from the first test from the bone marrow so now have to wait until Tuesday for biopsy results. Its an up and down battle for everybody involved but especially for the people whom actually have to go through it! You are all very brave and an inspiration in your own right.

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