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What to do with my hair?

Hi I'm waiting for a transplant and working through lots of info... Today's burning question is my hair!.....my consultant has said that I probably shouldn't get total hair loss but that it will probably come out in patchy clumps... I've got long hair way past my shoulders and am wondering whether I should have it cut short before I go in to save having to deal with great long bits coming out (and the maintenance of it when I'm probably not feeling that great) or whether to leave as is and take my chances that it may not be too bad? It's taken years to get it this long! Did anyone else go for the cut beforehand or did you wait and see?

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    Hi Lola,
    My situation is slightly different, I have had lots of chemo prior to transplant so I did make the decision to shave my head as I was losing huge clumps, it was very traumatic having it come out in e shower and on the pillow etc. in your case it doesn't seem as guaranteed that's it's going to go so I'd maybe wait and see but be prepared to get a bit of a cut if it does start to happen?
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    Hi Lola I am awaiting transplant and also have long hair I plan to cut it in stages so its not traumatic when it comes to intensive chemo, though it sounds as though yours might not all fall out I dont think I could cope with big clumps falling out. Our hair all being well will grow back :)
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    Hi there. I had a transplant last July and was anxious over losing my hair. It took 2 weeks after chemo and when it happened I felt ok about it. I got the hospital hairdresser to take my hair off and I quite liked it. I also have 2 lovely wigs which are so much better than my own hair. I also found it liberating not to have to wash, blow dry and straighten my hair all the time. Trust me, it's not as bad as you think I'm the scheme of things. Good luck with your transplant. Xxx


  • Thank you both... I guess it's the trauma of potentially losing clumps that I'm worried about and trying to lessen if possible ... that and the thought that if it needs cutting once I'm actually in hospital it may well be my husband who has to do it - he would be lovely enough to do it but he's not a trained hairdresser! I'd only thought to keep long or cut really short so cutting it in stages might be the answer, thanks Becky.

    I think I'll get my consultant to confirm too, as he had said it was down to the type of chemo used for my condition, it seems to vary. Thank you both and wish you well in your treatment x
  • Hi....Thank you ... ive now got a date to work to so have just had my hair cut into a short bob, stage 1! Thank you and best wishes for your journey x
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