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Hi from a newbie

Hi, my name is Josie and im so glad to have found this site. My story ( as brief as I can make it!)
I was diagnosed with AML 7 weeks ago and have been in hospital ever since. I have 2 small children aged 4 and 10 months and being away from em has been horrendous. My first cycle of chemo didn't work and Im 2 weeks post a second cycle waiting for blood counts to improve so I can get home for a bit.

I found out early on that a transplant was my only chance due to the severity of my leuakaemia and the chromosome change that caused it so I'm in that awful waiting stage.

I have an appointment at the QE in Birmingham with by the sounds of it an amazing team in a coup,e of weeks.

Loving the success storieson here, filling me with more confidence every time I read them but my goodness, I wish I had a time machine....


  • Hello Josiemoss and welcome to the Patient forum.
    I hope you will find it useful our aim is to help and support each other so do get in touch anytime and if we can help you we will.

    It must be very difficult at the moment being away from your children , I hope the new course of chemo works and you can get home soon. It sounds like you are going to be in good hands with your medical team, so good luck with that. You must keep in touch and hopefully someone with a similar condition to you can offer you some support too.

    The Patient and Family officers at Anthony Nolan are very helpful and would be more than happy to speak to you personally if ever you feel the need for any advice or a chat.

    Best wishes, Peter
  • Hi Josiemoss,

    First of all welcome to the forum. I hope you find lots of useful information as well as plenty of support here.

    I know the QE very well, but not as a patient, as I was one of the Project Managers who was part of the team that built it a few years ago. I know being in hospital is never pleasant, but I hope being in one of the newest, most modern hospitals in the country gives you some assurance. I know of at least one other forum member who was a patient there.

    I was there only last week doing some work and it coincided nicely with an open day at the medical school organised by Cancer Research and Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. As part of the open day there were various presentations and a small exhibition, but by far the best bit was the lab tours! This allowed those that attended to visit the labs where research is being carried out on all types of blood cancers, and the particular tour I was on was with research staff looking at AML in particular.

    It will hopefully be comforting to know that virtually next door to where you are being treated, the scientists are busy looking at better ways to treat the very Leukaemia you have. We also met one of the professors leading the work and he explained some of the recent discoveries that are improving the diagnosis and treatment of AML.

    Good luck with your treatment and please keep us updated as you progress.

    All the best,

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