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how long did it take to find your donor

I know it's such a tricky question but I'd be really interest to hear from people how long it took from finding they needed transplant to going in for the procedure.

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    Good luck, Josie – guess your transplant must be coming up. I recommend celebrating Day Zero (your second birthday): demand balloons and party hats! I found that a great way to help think of it as a joyful opportunity to celebrate – which I strongly believe it is :-)


  • This probably varies greatly from person to person and the many various conditions requiring transplant.

    Speaking personally, routine blood tests in the latter half of 2011 revealed a fall in my platelet levels, the counts were monitored for about 3 months and each time the levels had dropped.I had a bone marrow biopsy at the beginning of 2012 at my local hospital haematology dept. the result was bone marrow failure and I was referred to The Christie, Manchester. I had an appointment without delay in March. I was told there was only one cure for the condition known as hypoplastic MDS and that was a stem cell transplant.

    I have a twin sister, her bloods were checked but were not compatible. A search was made on the Anthony Nolan register and within a few weeks a donor with an identical match was found. The transplant took place in the May.

    Hope this helps, Peter.
  • Hi,

    My treatment started in September 2012 and I'm guessing the search for a donor started virtually straight away as a transplant was always likely. My sister was tested but found not to be a match, but by early December an unrelated donor had been found and I had my transplant mid January 2013.

    As Peter says, everyone is different, but keep the faith that a donor will be found and spread the word about how important it is for people to be registered.

    A stem cell or bone marrow donation is one of the least invasive procedures you can have but can make such a difference to the recipient, even to the extent of saving their life. Encourage your friends and family to spread the word and help the register grow, to give people like you and many more a better chance of finding a donor quickly.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks both. I've heard that 4 potential donors have been found and have my transplant meeting at the QE in Birmingham tomorrow. Scared but weirdly excited at the same time.
  • Good luck with the meeting today. Keep positive and you will be fine.
  • Fingers crossed. Four potential donors sounds like a great result, so I hope a really accurate match can be found amongst them.

    Please keep us posted.

  • Thanks Steve, I went to the QE yesterday, they now have the bloods from 2 donors here in the lab and took a lot of my blood. Trying not to get hopes up but guessing that means things are moving along
  • Well we have had the news that they have a 10/10 match and my transplant is set for August. How is it possible to be overjoyed and completely petrified at the same time?!
  • That's good news Josie. You're not alone in being nervous at all. I'm sure we were all apprehensive about our transplants but hopefully this forum will give you the confidence that you can get through this and come out the other side.

    Good luck and please keep us updated with your progress.

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