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Low platelets?

My 11 year old daugher had her tranplant in December 2014, 6 months on nearly now, and her platelets were going in the right direction, but they had been dropping for a couple of months now. I was wondering whether anyone else has experienced this and what the plan should be - treatment wise? Everything else appears to be fine.


  • Hi Bella,

    I haven't experienced low platelets post transplant, though I did have a couple of further transfusions of blood following my transplant, so I guess until things finally settle down there may be some ups and downs.

    Has your daughters doctor offered any explanation or advice at all? I'm sure they would let you know if they had any concerns and will be monitoring her counts regularly.

    I hope they stabilise and that your daughters recovery continues.

    All the best,

  • Thanks for your response, my daughter had aplastic anaemia so her low platelets prior to her transplant stopped her doing lots of the things she loves! The docs do seems to think that they may just sort themselves out - but they do seem to be taking their time! I should mention that she has had a cough and cold since February which she has finally shaken off in the last week or so - the docs thinks it could be viral or auto-immune, but have no idea which. She has also had a few bone marrow aspirations which show plenty of 'baby' platelets, they just seem to disappear when they are in the blood stream. It would be lovely for her to get back to the things she loves like = high jump, surfing etc! There are 3 treatment options if her platelets continue to be low, my daughter is receiving excellent care, - it would be good to find other folk who have experience the same! THanks for your support. xx
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