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Recent check up

Had my 3 monthly check up last week at The Christie, Manchester.
Pleased to be told all going well and all blood counts up where they should be post transplant.
Next appointment in 3 months which will be just short of the second anniversary (May).

I'm told as this stage is reached and without any signs to the contrary, it's a good indicator that the donor cells are now in complete charge, well done donor!
Check ups are always going to continue for my benefit and to record any issues or blips along the way which may be useful to others in the future.

Reminded to be vigilant re hygiene to avoid infections and to contact the Hotline at anytime if a problem crops up. Its very reassuring to have this back up and support from The Christie.


  • Hi Peter, I go to UCLH in London for my check ups, a brand new Macmillan centre, and my 2 years will be up end of April. I have been writing anonomous letters with my donor in Germany and I can't wait to be able to get to know her. She seems quite keen.
    The check ups are always a worry and reassuring at the same time. I now have an iron overload from the many transfusions I had during treatment and I have to have a pint of blood taken every months for 6 months to a year and I avoid iron rich foods. Iron overload comes without symptoms until it wrecks the organs, so it was a shock, just when I thought things were going so well apart from the aches & pains. However i am so happy to be alive and try and enjoy most moments.
    Wishing you well
  • Hi Peter, so pleased all is going well for you :) My husband is coming up to 16 months post transplant & still has monthly check ups at Manchester Royal Infirmary. When did you go onto 3 monthly check ups?
  • Hello Tracy

    It was at the 18 months visit that I went onto the 3 monthly check ups.

    Hope your husband is making a recovery, I didn't realise they did transplants at the MRI. I had mine done at The Christie.
    It will be 2 years for me in May.

    Best wishes


  • I'm currently at about 15 months and check-ups are still monthly for me, but most are just a formality with a quick chat with my consultant and to pick up a months supply of pharmacy. Last month a plan was put in place to reduce my immuno-suppression which was a welcome step forward. My bone marrow has been 100% donor for some time and fingers crossed it will stay that way.

    Its comforting to know that should anything unusual occur with my counts it will be picked up probably before I notice anything, but also to have the cushion of being able to call the hospital at anytime, should I feel under the weather.

    Thankfully for me, my appointments are now being moved back to my home town of Northampton, which saves me the journey to Leicester Royal Infirmary where I was treated - a 10 minute journey rather than an hour!

  • I was wondering why my husband was refered to MRI and not the Christi for his stem cell transplant? Sept 2014,Started treatment, chemo, at Blackpool then sent to MRI for transplant. We live in Darwen midway between Manchester and Blackpool
  • For me it was because of the type of Leukaemia (ALL) that I had Cynthia. I was told that because of Government legislation I could only be treated at a specialist centre. In my case the nearest centre was Leicester, as Northampton at that time didn't do full blown transplants for ALL.

    That may or may not be the case with your husband.

    My consultant tells me the health service are looking at reducing the number of transplant centres to something in the teens. That seems crazy as I'm sure the demand for transplant beds must be high and likely to climb I would guess. If this goes ahead, patients and families are going to end up travelling further afield which will only increase stress and anxiety at a time when you least need it.

    I hope that with the impending election someone sees sense and far from reducing the number of centres, they should increase them.

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