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How long were you in hospital post transplant?

If you can remember I was wondering how long people were in hospital after day 0. My team seem to try to get you out and home fairly quickly but I'm guessing it all depends on counts? After chemo I was sent home while still technically neutropenic (0.5) so I'm wondering if this will be the same or if they wait longer. Anyone who can remember I'd appreciate insider info!

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    Josie – have just left a message on your LLR blog!

    I first showed signs of neutrophils returning on Day 9, so when they were still there on Day 10 I had officially engrafted. I think they would have sent me home on Day 13, but I was having an extra drug to protect my potentially at-higher-risk liver, which they didn't want me to stop soon. On Day 16 they decided the particular risk to my liver was over, so I gratefully went home – despite still having a fortunately minor flu.

    By then I think I had a decent level of neutrophils (I seem to remember having the occasional G-CSF growth hormone to encourage them), but lymphocytes (which combat viral and fungal infections) take a lot longer – and of course with your baby immune system, when you do go home it's just like going home neutropaenic anyway!

    My team were clearly keen to get people home as soon as possible, given the benefits of being in a comfortable environment etc, so I'm not sure how tied to the neutrophil count they were; but hopefully they'll be doing pretty well pretty quickly anyway, so you're "0.5" question might not be relevant :-)

    Good luck; all the best,
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