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Day 0

Crumbs. It's day 0 tomorrow. Any last minute advice! One very anxious/ excited/ nervous patient!


  • Stay positive Josie. Don't worry if things get tough, just keep focused on getting through and on your recovery. Don't get frustrated if it's a slow process, it does take time and you need to take small steps along the way, and have a little celebration at each stage. Above all, keep in touch with us here and call on us all for support.

    The best of luckk to you and my best wishes,

  • Josie,

    Be a patient patient, you will be fine.
    Anytime you want a chat get in touch, we are here to listen and help if we can.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  • How are things Josie? It must be a few days since your transplant and I guess if you're anything like me you might feel a little rough at the moment. If you are, hang in there as it will soon pass.

    Good luck with your recovery and please keep us up to date.

  • Hi, yeh it's day +4 and the sore TBI mouth is incredibly painful. Starting to struggle to swallow/eat but docs have now prescribed some liquid oramorph so we will see how that goes. Other then that just plodding through each day and waiting for that magic day! Think we have at least a week ahead yet I'm guessing though? X
  • Hi josie

    Thanks for your updates, sorry to hear mouth sore, hopefully medicine will give some comfort. I remember my wife bringing in ice pops for me which were kept in the ward freezer, the staff also used to make up Complan drinks with a couple of blobs of ice cream, yummy and soothing on the mouth.

    Keep on plodding and soon things will get better.

    Best wishes

  • Hope the oramorph helps, as well as any icy solutions you try; the sore mouth is not much fun at all, but the satisfaction when the neutrophils appear and the mouth starts healing for me was just amazing – I hope that won't be too long for you now!

    Good luck,
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